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Best money over value ratio for pc gamer Generation 9 i5 9400f ,Play PUBG high resolution .GAMING PC
-Intel Core i5 9400f 9mb cache(new 9 generation)
-Msi vga geforce gtx 1660ti gaming x 6gb ddr6 rgb twin
-MSI motherboard b360m gaming plus
-Kingston ram desktop hyperx 16gb ddr4 2666
-ssd 240gb nvme + Seagate barracuda hard disk 1 tera
-Cooler master power supply 700 watt masterwatt
-Cooler master case mb510l tempered glass
$1042 TTC
Intel 9th Generation High-Performance ,GAMING ,3D and production PC
- Intel Core i7 9700K Processor 12M Cache up to 4.90GHz
- Msi vga geforce rtx2080 8gb ddr6 trio gaming
- Msi motherboard z390-a pro
- Kingston ram desktop hyperx 16gb ddr4 2666
- Adata m.2 sx8200 pro xpg 256gb nvme Gammix + Seagate barracuda hard disk 2 tera
- Cooler master power supply vanguard 1000w
- Cooler master case masterbox m520 rgb glass
- Cooler master water cooling 12cm
$2122 TTC
Desktop computer of the month: I9 new 9 generation GAMING PC built at #Microcity ! HURRY UP Book Now
-Nzxt case mid tower h700i matte black and red
-IntelĀ® Core i9-9900K Processor 16M Cache, 8 cores, up to 5.00 GHz
-Gigabyte vga geforce rtx 2080 gaming oc 3 FANS
-Msi motherboard MPG Z390 gaming pro carbon
-Corsair ddr4 desktop 16 GB vengeance lpx 3000mhz
-Adata m.2 sx8200 pro XPG 256gb nvme+ Seagate barracuda 2 tera
-Cougar fan case hpb120 vortex rgb kit x 3 fan.
-MSI cpu cooler core frozr
-Cooler master power supply v1000 gold plus management modular
$2600 TTC
High perfanfance ,cheap gaming pc I7 new vga Msi vga geforce gtx 1660ti at #Microcity !
-Cooler master case mb510l tempered glass
-Intel Core I7-8700
-Msi vga geforce gtx 1660ti 6GB
-Msi motherboard b360m gaming plus
-Kingston ram desktop hyperx 16gb ddr4 2666
-Pioneer m2 nvme ssd 256gb pcie + Seagate Baracuda guardian 1 terra 7200 rpm
-Cooler master power supply 700
$1178 TTC