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CoolerMaster HAF 700 H700-IGNN-S00

HAF 700

CoolerMaster HAF 700 H700-IGNN-S00
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Technical specifications

embodies the spirit of HAF’s performance oriented design, boasting attention to mechanical detail.
The front I/O is designed to maximize the front connectivity for most high end motherboards, featuring four USB Gen 3.1 Type A ports, a USB Gen 3.2 Type C, a 4 pin audio/mic headset jack as well as a dedicated mic jack.
480mm: Side Panel *1
360mm: Front Panel *1 or Bottom Panel *1 / Top Panel *2
240mm: Rear Panel *1
The unique removable top panel design allows you to effortlessly install, reach and maintain cooling components such as fans and radiators even in builds with complex custom cooling systems.
This, coupled with the rotatable radiator/fan bracket included out of the box allows for an unparalleled building experience.
This chassis features a fully integrated PWM/ARGB Hub that allows for effortless cable management and control over multiple fans and ARGB devices. The Hub is fully compatible with ARGB Gen2 devices.
HAF 700 comes equipped with a software suite in MasterPlus+, facilitating user-friendly management and customization of the integrated ARGB Gen2 controller (A1).
Clearance - CPU Cooler 166mm / 6.53 inch
Clearance - PSU 200mm / 7.87 inch